About Us

The Episcopal Church is the continuation of the Church of England in the Colonies. During the Revolutionary War, since England was the enemy, we dropped the English name and started identifying our parishes only by painting our doors red. "Episcopal" means "bishop" in Greek.

St. John's Episcopal Church was established in June of 1889. The church was built in 1892 on a lot that cost $25.00. It is the oldest standing church in constant use as a church in Neosho, Missouri. This congregation is a mission of the Episcopal Diocese of West Missouri. The patron saint of our congregation is St. John the Apostle (also known as St. John the Beloved).

St. John's is located at 305 W. Spring St., two blocks west of the Neosho square, and next door to the Big Spring Park. We are just south of Joplin, Missouri (about 20 minutes) on Hwy 71 (exit at Neosho & 86). CLICK HERE for a map of our location..