• Campus Ministry Cookout


    Fr. Mike Kyle and Vicki at the end of semester hamburger/hot dog feed at Crowder College. Joint ministry with the First Luthern Church (Mo Synod)

    Campus Ministry Cookout
  • Mardi Gras


    St. John\'s is packed with Mardi Gras eaters at the annual Cajun dinner.

    Mardi Gras
  • The Old Testament Windows


    Adam & Eve in the Garden Moses receiving the Commandments

    The Old Testament Windows
  • The Old Testament Windows


    The Anointing of David by Samuel The Call of Isaiah

    The Old Testament Windows
  • slideshow/photos/church_windows_002_800x600.jpg

    Window #5 - Joel's Promise of the Spirit Window #6 - The Birth of Jesus

  • New Testament Windows


    The Baptism of Jesus by John the Baptizer

    New Testament Windows
  • The New Testament Windows


    The Healing Works of Jesus The Sermon on the Mount

    The New Testament Windows
  • New Testament Windows


    Feeding the Multitudes The Last Supper

    New Testament Windows
  • New Testament Windows


    Pentecost The Vision of the Exalted Christ to St. John

    New Testament Windows